Field of law

Criminal law

Are you facing criminal charges or are you about to be questioned? Regardless of the accusation, it is advisable to consult a lawyer at the beginning of the proceedings (i.e. before the first statement). This will help you to avoid making ill-considered and possibly “unintentional” statements. Careless statements to the police can hardly or only with great difficulty be relativised at a later stage. This makes it all the more important to strategically prepare and process the offence you are accused of. Remember: As a suspect, you have the right to refuse to make a statement.

My services include in particular:

  • Development of a defence strategy
  • Representation in the preliminary proceedings
  • Representation and defence at the main hearing
  • Representation and defence in appeal proceedings
  • Defence against possible claims for damages

At the same time, I represent victims and help them to protect their rights and enforce their private party claims.

If you are facing criminal charges, you should not let any time pass. Do not hesitate and contact my law firm.