Field of law

Public Law

I represent and advise clients within the framework of social law (e.g. care allowance, incapacity for work, invalidity, etc.) and administrative (criminal) proceedings (e.g. traffic fines, various criminal convictions, building law, neighbouring rights, etc.).

Unlike “classic” criminal law, offences against the law are not punished by the ordinary courts, but by administrative authorities (e.g. district authorities, magistrates). I will support you both in fighting the penalty notice and in any proceedings before the administrative courts.

Even if the amount of the administrative fine is low, you should  consult a lawyer, especially since the accumulation of administrative fines can lead to the initiation of business confiscation proceedings.

You should also not ignore any “notifications” from an administrative authority, as you may lose your status as a party if you do not intervene within the deadline.

Do you need advice in the area of public law? Do not hesitate to contact my law firm.