Practise Areas

My specialisms at a glance

I specialise in civil law with a focus on litigation, employment law, criminal law and public law.

Civil Law

  • General Civil Law
  • Debt Collection
  • Compensation and Warranty
    • Construction Defects
    • Personal Injury (pain and suffering)
    • Defective Service
    • Medical Malpractice
    • Product Defects
    • traffic accidents
  • Tenancy Law / Residential Property
    • Rent and Eviction Proceedings
    • Cancellation or Arbitration Board Proceedings
    • Drafting Tenancy Agreements
  • Process Management
    • Assessment of the process and cost risk
    • Developing a goal-oriented and customised litigation strategy
    • Representation in court hearings
  • Insurance Law
    • Enforcement or defence of claims
  • Inheritance Law

Public Law

  • Incapacity for work
  • Building law
  • Disability
  • Childcare allowance
  • Neighbour rights
  • Care allowance
  • Traffic fines
  • Administrative (criminal) proceedings

Labour Law

  • Dismissal
  • Employee claims

Criminal Law

  • Development of a defence strategy
  • Representation in the preliminary proceedings
  • Representation and defence at the main hearing
  • Representation and defence in appeal proceedings
  • Defence against possible claims for damages

Individual enquiries

I am also available for individual enquiries. I can also support you with

  • Interference with property
  • passenger rights
  • testamentary dispositions (will)
  • Lasting powers of attorney
  • (Sale) purchase of a property/real estate

Please do not hesitate to contact my law firm if you have any questions.